Bikepacking Adventures in the Caucasus Mountains

I am so disappointed right now. I just got my cardboard bike box from the luggage carousel at the airport and I was hoping to write a scathing complaints letter but the box is in perfect condition. Thanks a lot, Turkish Airlines. You suck.

I smile and chuckle at my own joke as I pull the box from the carousel and load it onto the luggage cart. Truth be told, I am feeling absolutely elated that my bike has arrived unscathed. I’ve been experiencing an interesting mix of childlike anticipation and mind-numbing apprehensiveness ever since I left Belgium earlier today…

(Part I can be found here.)

It is 9 am sharp and a balmy 29° when I set off. I head for the big roundabout with the beautiful fountain and swing a left. Kutaisi is as flat as a flounder but Cass has managed to find the one uphill in this city and has added it to route. I tackle the hill with glee. Soon enough I’m headed south and out of town. The roads are wide and paved but extremely busy on this Monday morning. When I finally get away from the crowded city center I find myself on…

Kaat Debusscher

Belgian by birth, globetrotter by choice. If I’m not sleeping, you’ll find me on my bike. Feedback appreciated!

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